Five Cent Epiphanies

 A collection of silly little epiphanies. If you liked any of them, drop a nickel in the tip char.
  • Lanir from Babylon 5 was Will Robinson from Lost In Space
  • Everybody looks like someone else I know, and I could group people together by the mold they were pressed out of. There are probably only 6 or 7 molds for each of men and women
  • I can't imagine something unless I've experienced a tiny little taste of something similar to it. EG: I couldn't have imagined the sensation of flying until I'd been in freefall at least once
  • If I was God I'd hate to be praised. Praise is too easy to fake. Learning and understanding are impossible to fake
  • Humans are only occasionally sentient. Most of the time we're running on instinct, just like animals
  • The little plastic triangle in the middle of the pizza is to stop the lid from sticking to the cheese
  • Most people in charge don't know what they're doing, but they're confident they can figure something out when there's an emergency
  • The biggest problem in medicine is that people tend to be healthy
  • Physical things are a liability, ideas are the asset
  • You can't get value out of an idea unless you start acting on physical things
  • Any time people or things start behaving in a consistent way, you can start hacking that system
  • In the carbon-cycle, trees use photosynthesis to detach the carbon atom from CO2 to make O2, and we react inhaled O2 it with glucose in a way that attaches a carbon atom, and then we exhale CO2. That means the wooden table I'm writing this at is made out of breath
  • The cold virus infecting me right now is actually my very very very very very distant cousin
  • You can fool some of the people some of the time.